Another "Bad Boy Boxer" on the Horizon

(SEPT 1, 2006) Alex Hilton, 40 years old,  Canadian boxing champion from the 1980's, has gone on trial in regards to being arrested for armed robbery at the depanneur in Lachine, two weeks before last Christmas.  Apparently the "bad egg" was caught on video tape, and threatened the employees with a baseball bat.  After robbing the establishment, he was chased home by the employees where he had a paltry 39.19 in his pocket.  Hilton claimed to be drunk. 

Hilton is not the only bad boy boxer in his family.

According to CBC.CA,  his brothers, Davey Jr. and Matthew once joined forces to rob a doughnut shot. Davey Jr. was also sentenced to prison for seven years for sexually abusing his two daughters, when they were under 14 years old.   Losers....