ABC renews contract with Fight Fax

(Press Release) The Association of Boxing Commissions voted to renew its contract with Fight Fax, Inc., as its official record keeper. The contract is in effect for three years, with an option to renew for two more years.

The vote was unanimous.

The contract was renewed at the ABC's 2005 convention in Las Vegas, which was held from July 26 to July 30 at the Flamingo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Fight Fax and Boxrec each made a 15 minute presentation at the convention.

Before the vote was taken, Joanna Aguilar, an attorney and member of the Santa Ana Pueblo Commission in New Mexico, read the findings of a panel that was created by the ABC last year. The panel included state commissioners and attorneys that tested the accuracy of both Fight Fax and Boxrec during the year.

Fight Fax's accuracy was found to be one hundred percent. Boxrec's was found to be substantially lower.

Every result listed in Fight Fax's records has the official commission report as proof. Boxing commissions in the United States are required by law to send their fight results to Fight Fax within 48 hours during the business week, and Fight Fax receives official results from boxing commissions from around the world, as well.

Boxrec has over 150 people that include managers, promoters, and matchmakers who can add, delete, or change information in the Boxrec data base.

Fight Fax has only one person, editor and owner Anibal Miramontes, who can add, delete, or change information in the Fight Fax data base.

Fight Fax has been the ABC's official record keeper for nine years.