The Sad Legacy of Sonny Liston
by William Dettloff -
Written on December 31, 2002

(The death of Sonny Liston - 1970 at the age of 38: It is no secret that there are few happy endings in the fight game. Or happy beginnings, for that matter. What drives men to do what they do in the ring typically has little to do with happiness so in that way it all makes sense. Generally, when happier boys look for recreation they don't turn to and fall in love with prize fighting. The angriest ones do, and those who are most desperate. It's a desperate game, after all. So bad endings are everywhere you look.

ali vs mathis nov 17 1971 1.jpg (17329 bytes)

November 17, 1971 - battle between Muhammad Ali and Buster Mathis in Houston, Texas.

March 31, 1973 - Ali lost in this world championship against Ken Norton in a 12-round title fight for the NABF Heavyweight title.
  July 29, 1977 - Muhammad Ali vs. Earnie Shavers World Heavyweight Championship at the Madison Square Garden, in New York.  The undercard included Alexis Arguello, Mike Rossman and Vito Antefuermo.

Muhammad Ali vs. Larry Holmes World Heavyweight Championship Fight Poster Original fight poster from closed-circuit broadcast of the Larry Holmes/Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Championship fight from the Orange Bowl on October 2nd, 1980. This fight was broadcast on closed circuit TV in the US and this is the supporting event poster. This is a rare collector's item and is in excellent condition.

Patterson faced Ali
On September 20, 1972, Floyd Patterson faced Ali again in the final fight of his career. In this rematch, Ali beat him badly in a seventh-round TKO.

Boxing Beat: It's been 30 years since the 'Rumble'
Saturday marked the 30th anniversary of the so-called "Rumble In The Jungle," a genuine pre-Halloween horror experience for George Foreman. Though younger, bigger and stronger, he lost his heavyweight title to Muhammad Ali on a shocking, eighth-round knockout in Zaire....Copyrighted Story on Sacramento Bee

Buchanan named Britain's Greatest ever!
1978 -  Edinburgh-born world champion Ken Buchanan  was voted Britain's greatest-ever boxer in 1978 and has a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York.  (source: